Located 50 meters from the waters edge of Little Pine Lagoon, Little Pine Shack is the best and most comfortable accommodation in the area.


The view through the panoramic north facing windows of the living room allow for uninterrupted views of the lagoon. Watch the ever changing weather fronts, the fish rising and platypus swim by while you contemplate the day’s activities before you. There is no better place to rejuvenate and invigorate your spirit, energy and your fly fishing skills.

Early in the season the trout are often seen in the morning or evening feeding on the shoreline. This is commonly known as “tailing”. It is not unusual to sight the tail and/or fin of a trout within a meter of the shore and in only a few centimetres of water. If you can control your adrenalin rush you could be in for a tremendous fishing experience - if you can present your fly to a feeding fish.


Dark Brown Emerger

Best results when Mayfly are hatching and fish are taking duns and emergers near the surface.





Adams Wulf

Use on the evening rise with drift or very slow retrieve presentation.




Royal Wulf

Successful on rough water when the fish are eager to feed.




Battleship Red Tag

Cant go wrong with this fly when the stonefly is hatching.


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Little Pine Lagoon, Tasmania.

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